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(99.2) Head Torch 400lm

(99.2) Head Torch 400lm

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The head torch is very versatile and compact, with a weight of only 50g it is among the lightest in its category. It is waterproof and dustproof.

The lighting range reaches approximately 150m. The band is ergonomic and comfortable, very stable. It is possible to adjust the inclination of the light beam to position it in the preferred position. It also features the red LED.

A head torch with the best value for money among all those on the market and it also has the activation sensor, without requiring you to use the appropriate button.

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Information released by the supplier:

Material: PC
Battery capacity: 1000mah
Power supply form: Battery
Power: 5W
Light source type: LED
Power generation mode: Battery
Processing customization: Yes
360 degree rotation: no
Configure charger: no
Maximum range: 100-200m
Whether cross-border export is dedicated to the source of goods: Yes

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