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(2.2) Naturehike Water Bag 1,5L (Outdoor)

(2.2) Naturehike Water Bag 1,5L (Outdoor)

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The Naturehike water bag available in the 1.5L versions is made of BPA and phthalate-free material, hypoallergenic and extremely resistant.

It is equipped with Easy Lock to guarantee optimal closing of the tap.

Also equipped with a watertight closure to ensure an airtight seal and avoid leaks inside the backpack. An excellent ally for long excursions.

Vendor Released Features.

Water pipe: hose 100cm (including nozzle 107cm)
Temperatures | - 20°C ~ 50°C
Suggestion: wash with warm water. Do not steam sterilize or boil the water bag to prevent it from deforming

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