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(8.6) Knife Sharpening Kit (Stone 3000/8000)

(8.6) Knife Sharpening Kit (Stone 3000/8000)

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The 3000/8000 grit whetstone is but better for sharpening your knives even the most worn ones. All kits include a wooden base and stone. The most complete kits also include a thickness to maintain the correct angle of the knife during sharpening and a finishing stone.

information released by the supplier:

Material: White Corundum
Product name: red and white suit, green and white suit
Product size: 215*95*23mm
Product specifications: 3000/8000
3000/8000 green and white double-sided white corundum whetstone

Function: used for kitchen knife sharpening

5-piece set (whetstone + bamboo base + correction stone + silicone pad + knife holder locator)

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