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(8.5) Universal Rubber Crampons

(8.5) Universal Rubber Crampons

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Universal crampons, in highly deformable and abrasion resistant rubber. The crampons have 10 spiked stainless steel spikes, excellent in situations with frozen ground. Very important to choose the size carefully.


Information released by the supplier:

Material: silicone + hard nails, steel teeth

Packing: each pair of PP bags

Product features: no matter on snow or mud, it can be fully competent, integrating five advantages in one

1>Easy to use: both adults and children can use it easily

2>Small size, light weight and good quality

3> Wide range of applications: snow, mud, roads and mountain roads can be used

4>Superelasticity: The crampon material TPR has strong softness and toughness, unchanged at 60 degrees under 0, and will not break after repeated stretching

5>Sturdy sawtooth: the use of wear-resistant 206 stainless steel nails can adapt to various terrains

Notes: Do not wear crampons to walk on the daily cement road. Marble floor tiles are not only easy to walk


S code Size 18 * 11cm Weight 85g. Suitable for 30-35 yards shoes

M code Size 20 * 12.5cm Weight 120g. Suitable for 34-39 yards shoes

L code Size 21 * 13.5cm Weight 130g. Suitable for 40-43 yards shoes

XL codeSize 23.5*14cmWeight 150g. Suitable for 44-47 yards shoes

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