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(9.01) Stove + Kit of Pots, Cutlery, Teapot and Camping Glasses

(9.01) Stove + Kit of Pots, Cutlery, Teapot and Camping Glasses

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The kit includes a gas stove (the cylinder is not included), two pots, two glasses, three cutlery, a teapot, bags to hold all the accessories and a small carabiner.

The kit is entirely in aluminum.

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Below is the information released by the supplier:

Product Information:

Material: aluminum alloy
Function: portable, ultra-light, hand-held
Applicable number: 2-3 people
Set configuration: outdoor cookware, kettle, frying pan, water cup, stove
Multi-function classification: environmental protection, portable, ultra-light, portable, dual-use

Size Information:

Cooking pot: 1 piece, outer diameter 17.5CM/height 9CM
Frying pan: 1 piece, diameter 18cm/height 4.5cm, handle 10cm
Teapot: 1, 1.1L, diameter 150CM/height 8CM
Spoon specification: 16*4cm
Table knife specifications: 16.5*1.2cm
Fork specifications: 16*1.2cm
Stove head: 1.11*7.8cm
Lock: 70*81mm
304 stainless steel water cup: 2 7*78cm 200ml

Packing List:

Frying pan*1

Cooking pot*1
Burners *1
Stainless steel water cup*1
Table knife*1
Fork *1

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