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(9.0) Alcohol Stove Kit + ALOCS Pot Set

(9.0) Alcohol Stove Kit + ALOCS Pot Set

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ALOCS is a hallmark of all things camping kitchen utensils. The whole kit weighs only 1kg, and is entirely built in stainless steel. Great for picnics, but also for multi-day camping...

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Product Information:

Weight: 1030g
Material: hard alumina, copper, stainless steel
Application: Picnic, self-driving, camping, fishing, cycling
Size: Storage (middle 198mm*99mm), unfolded (middle 198mm* 210mm)

Packing lists

1.7 liter pot, 1.4 liter pot, 7-inch frying pan, universal lid, hand clip, bracket, windshield, base, alcohol stove, cleaning cloth, package storage bag

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